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200 years of Rotorua history - inquiry project

Maori Today To this day the Maori culture, language and traditions are celebrated and embraced in New Zealand. The Treaty is commemorated every year with a public holiday known as Waitangi Day. There is a gathering at Waitangi, where a special ceremony takes place with invited guests like the Prime Minister to celebrate the unity of Pakeha and Maori. This day also shows how people have grudges with how things happen and they protest their views. Another important part of Maori culture is the Haka (War Dance). The Haka was traditionally performed as a Wero (Challenge) to approaching enemies in order to defend their villages. Today, people of all cultures perform the Haka to show strength, before the All Blacks or Kiwis play their important matches or to share their stories. This leads into my next point of how Haka is performed inside a Kapa Haka performance. Te Matatini is an event held every 2 years, where people from across New Zealand and Australia perform Kapa haka it